In Viana do Castelo, URBANIA was invited by the City Council to integrate the city’s Biennal of Art, Architecture and Design under the theme “Slow Cities”.


We found a city that is experiencing a strong process of change, trying to conciliate its historical past with the paradigmatic vision of a sustainable city. The local political power imports international guidelines in order to stimulate the city’s development based on local features – "think global, act local". Cultural and ethnographic heritage is franchised as a strategy to develop production and trade structures, attract tourists and keep its population. The population recognizes the quality of life provided by the city and continues its everyday life, more or less informed, more or less suspicious, more or less participatory.


Here URBANIA sought to reflect on the idea of development and on the sustainability paradigm, using the electric buses of the city to create a guided tour which took the audience to spaces of memory and spaces under construction.

urbania | viana do castelo


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