In Helsinki – the first edition of this project – URBANIA integrated Reality Research Center research theme for the year: “can the sacred be performed?”  In that sense, we tried to understand how the city and its inhabitants relate with the sacred.


In this city there is a tram line which describes the shape of the infinity symbol. Entering the tram, the journey is repeated. Arriving to the center, we find the end and the beginning once again. We sit down and we travel in a circular time, deeply in love or horrified by the possibility of repeating the trip - the existence - the world. We sit down as the religious Man who expects the end of a cycle to be reborn.


Here we add to URBANIA the subtitle “the ultimate pilgrimage”, hoping that the arrogance of this expression could contaminate our tour and stimulate a personal reflection on the relation between the sacred and the city.

urbania | helsinki


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