“The merits of Urbania lie in its ability to bring to the surface questions of what is sacred and what is not to me personally. The pilgrimage reveals just how much I worship the changing urban lifestyle.”


MARIA SÄKÖ, Helsingin Sanomat, 6/3/2010


“WELCOME TO URBANIA. This city was founded after all the other ones. We are happy to have you here. The city doesn’t know you. The city doesn’t need you. But you are welcome here. The city didn’t invite you. But you are welcome here. In the end we will be here again – so then we can start again. In the end you can forget the city, so that you can know the city again. We will repeat this journey as long as the city is here – in order to be sure that the city is here. YOU ARE WELCOME.”

URBANIA is a site-specific performance organized as a guided tour through the urban space. Perhaps URBANIA is not a city itself. It is perhaps the way we cross the city. Or maybe it is just a particular way to look at it: a lens. A guide will take us. A poetic state is evoked to live this place.


teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser