"c'est un beau geste que celui de l'équipe portugaise d'Alfredo Martins à Porto: O Nome da Ruas compose une tonique méditation, qui marie théâtre, danse et video, sur les identités - les solitudes - urbaines modernes. (...) du meilleur de ce que Premières cette année proposa."


Antoine Wicker, D.N.A., 15 jun 2008



In O Nome das Ruas, teatro meia volta intends to approach humanity in a confessional mode – people stuck in a psychological time, between the will and the possibility; confused and unarticulated testimonies of one’s incredible challenges. The speech comes as a revelation of the inner “me”, of the most profound truth about what we are. A portrait of the anti-hero – man as one of beauty and horror, capable of being remarkable and at the same time obscene, drifting between normality and dissidence.

the name of the streets


teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser