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This show is a conference on the single history. A single story is the only account we take for granted or as the only possibility for a given event.

The story we learn at school speaks of heroes, people who have achieved memorable feats, kings and queens, admirals, and other figures who by their action or thought have been immortalized in history, the vast majority of whom have died long time ago. It is a unique, official, important story with pomp and circumstance. What if history could be told by ordinary people like you and us? What if the achievements could be those that many reach in their daily lives, in their failures, in the way each person analyses what is around them, in the time and in the places where we live?

In our conference we start from stories we know well, our stories. We cross our stories with the stories of other people and the history of a country, over a certain time, the time of our life.

single story

a theatrical conference