“[National-Material, landscape with argonauts] is a small dramaturgic pearl and an exercise that drifts away from any stereotyped construction on stereotypes.”


Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, P2, 07/07/2011



Rossio, as well as Largo de São Domingos or Portas de Santo Antão, are a real melting pot, a testimony of the city population heterogeneity.

We find a dialogical and diverse city, stage for a continuous and unfinished process of confrontation and contamination.

When we start to prepare our proposal to this Ciclo Emergentes, we immediately tried to relate the National Theatre (the institution, the practice and the public) with the tangential realities. As far as possible, to have another look from the theatre balcony over this so known Other, as exotic as strange, as useful as disturbing. Shall we talk about this?

national-material, landscape with argonauts


teatro meia volta e depois à esquerda quando eu disser