Rio de Janeiro is a city of many socioeconomic and cultural contrasts, enhanced even more by the recent plans to host big worldwide events like the World Cup and the Olympics.

Politicians believe these events will leverage the country and moved forward with a deep restructuring plan (hygienization?) of the city. Pacification of the ‘favelas’, increased security, restructuring of infrastructure, tourism campaigns – these are the main tools used by the rulers, but they triggered a huge movement of contestation among a significant part of the population. Apart from challenging the gigantic financial investment in a country with significant needs, the dwellers claim the right to their city, throwing slogans like "World Cup for whom?".


In collaboration with teatro Ipanema No Lugar, URBANIA takes the form of a repetitive and ritualized path around a square in construction of the Ipanema district, seeking to address the current socio-political situation of the city.

urbania | rio de janeiro


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